Black road bicycle standing upright in a sunlit vineyard, with rows of grapevines stretching into the distance, a quaint village nestled in a valley, and a backdrop of rolling hills under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Bike & Wine

A ride towards a winery

A ride towards a winery

Looking for a thrilling adventure that combines your love for cycling and fine wine? You'll adore this one

Start point


Finish point


Duration & Distance

3 to 4 hours for 30 km


Guided E-Bike tour





Meet & Greet

Meet your expert guide for the Krka National Park in Skradin or your chosen location.

We will help you choose and set up your e-bike, and explain the tour details.


We start from Skradin to the inland, passing through villages and cycling on undemanding roads. 

We ride for some 15 km, and we reach a local wine cellar. 

let's drink

We are meeting the family who runs the show, a family that inherited generations old knowledge of wine making, and of course we taste their best wines and olive oil.

back on pedals

We get back to our bikes and return to Skradin.



Included in price

Professional guide
tasting of local wines and olive oil

Optional extras

Children chair - 5 €
SPD pedals - 10 €
Wahoo - 10 €

Not included in the price: Guide gratuities



Skradin is known for excellent vineyards and family-owned wineries with prized and world-known sorts of wines. We shall discover the secrets of winemaking that have been passed down for thousands of years!

We start this adventurous day by cycling through Skradin and heading west. Undemanding roads take us through colorful areas of Skradin’s outskirts, passing by olive yards and vineyards. Centuries-old villages and medieval ruins are perfect scenery to hear local legends from our guides.

Cycling along non-traffic roads brings us to a local winery where will uncork a bottle of their delicate Debit wine. Its sophisticated bouquet is a perfect introduction to stories of local gastronomy and customs.

Learning about winemaking culture and intriguing family traditions, tasting the autochthonous sorts of wine and amazing local food in the atmosphere of an old wine cellar will make this journey unforgettable.



map for a wine tour in Skradin
What To Know

What To Know

What is the best time of day for the tour?

Depending on the season, in the summer months, it is best to start in the morning, in spring and autumn it can be a good lunchtime tour.

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