ABout us

We know the paths through National Park Krka like the back of our hand. You are invited to join us!

Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Meet three local guides and fellow cyclists. Nonetheless, brothers.

Welcome to Skradin, our home town! 

People ask us if we ever get bored guiding guests to the same viewpoints and cycling with the same trails. Our answer is: - Never and you’ll see why.

Breathtaking, splendid and hypnotising are just a few words guests use to describe the National Park Krka and the sights. That is exactly why we started Riki Adventures. We want to share our appreciation of the beauty of the river Krka and Skradin. And we all love cycling!

What makes Riki’s Adventures stand out is our teams’ commitment to providing a skilfully organized tour using the best quality equipment and our expertise in creating memorable and fun tours of the National Park Krka. As river Krka is our constant inspiration we have created a variety of tours for your best holidays ever.

The cousin


The youngest member of the team, is an experienced cyclist and tour guide

He was born and raised in Skradin and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Skradin and Krka bike trails, making him an exceptional guide for your biking adventure.

Antonio is the cousin of Romano and Rikardo, both of whom share his enthusiasm for cycling, and cheerful and friendly attitude.

He has been actively involved in sports since his childhood and cycling has always been his first love. However, he knows a few tricks about football as well.

Antonio ensures that all the bikes are in excellent condition and ready for your adventurous cycling tour. In addition, he is at your disposal for bike rentals, making sure that you have a hassle-free experience.



Meet Romano, your experienced cycling tour guide who is eager to lead you on an unforgettable adventure through the stunning National Park Krka.

Despite making his childhood dream come true and becoming a professional fireman, Romano's love for cycling took him down a different path - one that he shares with his brother as a satisfying career.

He is enthusiastic about preserving the beauty of the river Krka and sharing stories about his hometown with you.

You can rest assured that Romano will help you rent the perfect bike, kayak or SUP board for your day trip on the river Krka.

Plus, he'll make sure that all e-bikes are in top working condition so that you can focus on enjoying the breathtaking scenery around you. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Romano as your guide!



Rikardo is a man of many passions, but his heart truly belongs to the world of sports.

From a young age, he was a talented football player and skilled cyclist, and his love for the latter has only grown stronger over the years.

Despite being a professional in seafarer, Rikardo has managed to turn his passion for cycling into a thriving family business.

He is the proud owner of Riki's Adventure company, which allows him to share his love of his hometown and active lifestyle with visitors to Skradin. If you're looking to explore the area on two wheels or by water, Rikardo is the person to see.

He'll help you find the perfect bike, kayak, or SUP board to rent, ensuring that it's waiting for you at the start of your adventure. With his expert guidance, you can rest assured that your cycling tour will be led to perfection, taking you on a scenic journey through the stunning National Park Krka.

Whether you're a pro or a beginner, Rikardo is passionate about helping everyone discover the joy of an active, outdoor lifestyle.